July 24, 2017 - 2 years ago

Grinding daily to dreaming big

Campbell & Moss: The prequel

I recently heard someone share their pre 'start up' story. A funny, witty rendition of running a fast paced editorial office. An overworked newspaper editor at her wits end with the long hours and intense demands of her job. I remember feeling moved by her blunt and honest confession that she had nothing left to give. I mentally high fived this woman as she boldly shared her story of walking out on her job, never to return. It inspired me to share my own journey. Not of how Campbell & Moss came about. The moments leading to this fateful period in my life.

Driving up the M1 in the dark, exhausted, lights a blur from fatigued eyes, all I could think about was getting home. Dinner still had to be cooked, but that would happen to loud music, a glass of wine and minimal use of my brain. 14 hour days, 300 customers and a boss whose instructions were to ‘wipe the floor clean’ with my competitors. A boss who is infamous for being the head of a cut throat tobacco empire, stepping on his own flesh and blood to get there. A boss with a string of ex wives, a long list of enemies and a greed that filtered through to my daily existence as his National Sales Rep and Warehouse Manager. When at HQ, I started early, finished late and left my seat only when the realization set in that it was not feasible to urinate in the waste bin under my desk.. because the cctv would capture it. When I travelled, I was on a 6am flight Monday morning and on the red eye home on Friday night, returning to my then fiance mid morning on Saturday, exhausted and barely up for the adventures on his agenda, let along the obligatory blow job on Sunday before I was off to do it all again. Yet, this was not the moment I decided against the daily grind. Call me a gluten for punishment.

It was more when things calmed down. I got married, I stopped travelling so much. I was in a much more 'cushy' job, for lack of a better term. I was working for the 2nd largest wine company in the world, exploring my love of wine, connecting with amazing customers every day, achieving sales targets, growing my territory, proudly running it as though it was my very own little ‘business’ with all the tools, budget and support a large, blue chip company can offer. At work, I was being paid. At home, I was nesting. I was preparing to become a mother. Little did I know at this point, how long that would take. But it was in that moment, I knew I had a bigger job to do. This world needed more from me than wine and a 33% profit margin. Exactly what my contribution to the world would be, remained to be seen. But I was certain my happiness lie in my commitment follow my heart and serve my greater purpose.

Like any wannabe 'girl boss' I watched youtube clips of Tony Robins, read books like Daring & Disruptive, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Tipping Point - And I experienced a turning point. A realisation that my life was my message to the world.

One wednesday evening, our weekly bbq conversation turned to 'ozonated oil'. A close friend had been manufacturing it as a side project to his air and water purification business. His primary business was winning awards using this revolutionary technology. And the byproduct of this award winning purification system was this ultra potent, yet natural balm that had the power to eliminate skin damaging contaminants using the same technology trusted to purify drinking water. Unbranded jars in the factory cooler room flew out the door as friends and family lathered up in it, with startling results. From 3rd degree burns, to herpes, acne and severe psoriasis, this products results were at odds with its reach. I knew people were suffering with skin ailments and I knew they most likely had not heard of ‘ozone’. My job suddenly became clear. I felt compelled to connect people to the amazing healing powers of ozone.

As my journey in this seemingly superficial world unfolded, it became apparent that the industry as a whole needed my help. Vegan, organic, cruelty free beauty products are gaining traction but people still feel they have to chose between ethics and results. I am here to shine a light on the skin care and beauty industry. I am not interested in ‘correcting’ a ‘wrong’, simply to educate, to celebrate beauty and share my passion for ethical and organic skin care.

That was my life before Campbell & Moss. The overwhelming sense of excitement this brand and product gives me is not just a passion. Its more than late nights, long days, tedious, isolated life of a start up business owner. Its my calling. Its my duty. I am in debt to this beautiful world, and through Campbell & Moss, I shall pay that debt, humbly but fiercely, until organic, ethical beauty is officially ‘a thing’.


Follow your soul. It knows the way.