June 27, 2017 - 2 years ago

Master 'sexy skin' this Winter

As the cooler months roll in, banish dry, flaky skin in 7 easy steps

Harsh change in weather and internal heating wreaking havoc on your skin? Its that time of year and your skin may be needing an extra boost to maintain strong barrier functions and keep flaking, dryness and inflammation at bay. Keep your skin looking healthy, hydrated and sexy with our 7 easy to follow steps.

1. Keep hydrated – Its easy to neglect your h20 intake during winter, but its important to be proactive in maintaining your skins reparative functions. You can down load the Water Alert app which reminds you to stay hydrated and tracks your intake. Start each day by drinking 500mls of warm water (add apple cider vinegar and manuka honey for an extra boost). Look like a fitness and wellbeing guru and maximize your hydration with a Big Bottle Co water bottle www.thebigbottleco.com
2. Exfoliate – Remove the dead skin cells to expose the healthy, radiant skin beneath and provide the perfect preparation for hydration and nourishment. Antheia Liquid Micro Peel does just this using high quality, natural ingredients which gently and easily remove the dead skin cells and balance your skins ph and moisture levels. I cant get enough of this product for smooth, supple skin even in the harshest winter weather. RRP: $29.95 www.shopantheia.com.au
3. Moisturise –Nourish and hydrate using a gentle, protective moisturizer that boosts and repairs using a natural powerhouse of ingredients. Don’t neglect the neck and décolletage. Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Hydrator contains Royal Jelly and Co-enzyme Q10 RRP: $75.00 and many more available at www.mecca.com.au/skin-care/moisturiser
4. Ozonate – Eczema, dermatitis and Psoriasis can flare up as a result of winter dryness and elemental exposure. Providing a rich flow of oxygen to your skin, promotes fast healing and healthy cell turnover. Ozone expert Dr Edward McCabe explains ‘In almost every case I’ve seen, everyone who does Oxygen Therapies looks younger and younger’. He recommends Ozonated products such as Campbell & Moss Remedy Balm to maintain a healthy, clear and youthful complexion www.campbellandmoss.com.au
5. Exercise – Shorter days and cooler mornings make it harder to stay motivated but its important to keep your body moving in winter if youre serious about sexy skin. Exercise increases blood flow – blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. Physical activity Stimulates collagen production and human growth hormone which work wonders for your skin. Keep moving and stay sexy in the right gear www.alphafit.com.au
6. Nourish – Essential fatty acids are imperative dietary elements to maintaining healthy skin, particularly when combating winter dryness. Oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds all contain skin boosting EFAs. We also recommend good protein intake providing skin essential Aminos to help with antioxidant activity and cell division.
7. Supplement – Up the anti and nourish your skin from the inside out by adding some extra vitamins to your healthy skin diet. Zinc is important for healing, silica can help strengthen connective tissue, improving skin health and appearance. Tissue salts Combination D are also linked to relieving symptoms of eczema and acne naturally. Beauty supplements can be a great way to support a healthy diet and good skin care routine. A great range can be found at www.thebeautychef.com

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