December 13, 2016 - 3 years ago

Get Your Rox Off

The angelic yet sultry face of Campbell & Moss belongs to U.K based model 'Roxy Horner'.

It was decided that a model was needed for our upcoming Campaign Shoot - A face that would express the mood and message of Campbell & Moss.

I stalked models pages to a point of wondering if I would raise any flags with the authorities.. My battery was on 5% and my self esteem was at an all time low as I waited for the helicopters to start circling.. And then.. this face. Big eyes, inviting lips.. flawless skin - But it was more.. This face was talking to me. This face told a story.. Lured me in, spat me back out and left me wanting more - The future face of Campbell & Moss.

Undeniably beautiful, Roxy embodied that juxtaposition that made her glamorous yet natural, mysterious yet familiar, classic yet edgy, a look that transcends race, time and genre. Uncategorisable (apparently she transcends the dictionary also.. )

She could possibly be a delicate, feminine ballerina poised on tip toes, elegant jaw line, long limbs, dramatic expression across her perfectly structured face, tirelessly rehearsing, her focus and beauty disguising any trace of pain or exhaustion.

Or she could listen to gansta rap, gold hoop earrings dangling rhythmically amongst her long blonde hair, oversized tshirt slipping down her shoulder, bra straps teasingly exposed, ripped jeans, sneakers and chipped nail polish.

Roxys versatility is vast, the creative opportunities for the campaign shoot seemed endless. So beautiful, you want to hate her but so endearing, you want to be her best friend. And on meeting her, Roxys humility and friendliness were at odds with her beauty. More. In. Love…

On set she was expressive, professional and moved effortlessly. She was quite unabashed in her selfie snapping… Fair call. The girls a freaking goddess… But since following her on social media, its apparent that Roxy also possesses quite a witty sense of humor. Its almost as if she knows how ridiculous it is that she is so tongue waggingly good looking. If you pay attention, this is not just another pretty face taking selfies… She almost pokes fun at her own beauty..

So turns out, Roxy Horner is not only a rare, interchangeable beauty that has an insanely broad appeal thanks to her freakish genetics… She may also be a creative genius!

Follow her on social media to see for yourself.

IG: @roxyhorner
Youtube: Roxane Horner
Snapchat: roxyhorner

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