May 25, 2015 - 4 years ago

Attack on Equality

I came across an article recently. More of a rant. A rant disguised as a ‘call to action’ regarding the way men ‘objectify’ women.

The author kicked off with a bunch of adjectives outlining the many ways in which women can be described, in a physical sense – Curvy, skinny, sexy.. Even ‘ethnic’.

She wastes no time reaching the punch line, posing the question ‘When was the last time you heard a man describe a woman with an adjective that wasn’t dripping in sexual innuendo and defaming premises?’

She then wants to know the last time a woman was complimented on her ‘soul and inherent elegance’. The paragraphs that follow jump right onto the man hating bandwagon that gave ‘feminism’ a bad name to begin with, making claims of objectification, disrespect and mens failure to view women as individuals… Or even people.

Yes, sexism still exists, some in favour of women and some not so. Same goes for men. But articles such as this, suggest no solution, post no inspirational, thought provoking ideas. This merely slags the male species off as Neanderthal cave men and make women sound like whining prudes.

To be honest, we are just as bad. Over Friday arvo cocktails, I have never heard about a mans soul. Ive heard about his car.. and the size of his penis. And that’s ok. We are human too. Could we all be a little less superficial? Yes, probably… But this is not a gender issue, and we shouldn’t take 5 steps back by making it one.

The author is not done yet… ‘When did women become forced to acquiesce to this standard or get lost in the crowd?

This sentiment is so misguided, non conducive and downright insulting. No busy, self respecting, real woman I know would ever have time to ponder such victimization. She would never feel forced to conform to any standard, nor be lost in any crowd… Ever! This would not even be a choice, it would be a natural byproduct of her own self value.

I quote ‘Hot is the way she moans, beautiful is the way she speaks’. Since when is a woman moaning in the throws of passion, expressing freely her own pleasure not beautiful? That’s part of the beauty and freedom of being, not only woman, but a human being.

If we stop focusing on the inequalities then we are one step closer to true gender equality. If we stop talking about it and just take it, then we are all the way there.

‘Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth. Deal with it’.
George Carlin