March 11, 2015 - 5 years ago

The Art of the Selfie

In 2013 ‘selfie’ was added to the online Oxford Dictionary after  gaining traction amongst young social media users…Definition:  A photograph that one has taken oneself, typically with a smart phone or webcam and shared via social media.. Its now accepted as a mainstream term,whether you view the act as complete narcissism / self absorption or a mainstay outlet for artistic self expression, it appears Selfies are here to stay…


We encourage selfies.. We are even guilty of the odd selfie.. It is an art form and we support art – However, there are some guide lines that should be adhered to when capturing and sharing a selfie. Read on for our Selfie guidelines and etiquette.


  1. No duck face. No further explanation required. Just steer clear…
  2. Bathroom selfies are fine but we can do without seeing your toilet in the bathroom.. Toilets are not sexy.. Despite how flattering your ensuite lighting is..
  3. Be careful of sunglass reflections.. Obviously it’s a selfie, but we don’t necessarily need to see the phone in hand…
  4. No big noting.. You drive a BMW.. we don’t need to see your keys casually placed in your Sunday morning flat lay.
  5. Own it… Don’t try and mask the selfie as something its not (just bought new sunglasses, lip colour, pet etc) – Youre looking good and you want to share it. Don’t succumb to selfie shame. Own your selfie!
  6. Clever captioning / hashtagging – something funny and self deprecating somehow eases the narcissistic nature that is hard to avoid when it comes to the proverbial selfie. Use your words as well as your best Kim K pout.
  7. Editing – don’t over do it.. and hashtag ‘no filter’ is just plain obnoxious
  8. Use selfie etiquette if you are taking group selfies.. If you look amazing and your selfie buddy is mouth open and eyes closed, don’t be a bad sport.
  9. Show restraint – There are only so many selfies you can get away with.. The limit is somewhere between daily and weekly at most. If your likes per pic ratio is on the decline, try reducing your selfie frequency to improve your stats.
  10. The Instagram ‘video’ function opens up a whole new world.. Approach with caution.. This function is not for the inexperienced. If unsure, stick to regular selfie stills…


With our list in hand.. and possibly a selfie stick, we hope you will snap away with decorum, pride and consideration for others… Happy Selfie snapping! Campbell & Moss x


‘A girl should be 2 things… Who and what she wants’

- Audrey Hepburn