January 27, 2015 - 5 years ago

Celebrate Love & Lust

If you follow our Instagram page, you may have noticed we are kind of perverts when it comes to noticing sexy people doing sexy things. With Valentines Day just around the corner, we wanted to set the scene for you so you can get busy, be romantic and mark the occasion… In the sexiest way possible.

Valentines Day originated in the Roman Empire Days when Saint Valentine was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to wed. According to legend, he fell in love with his jailors daughter whom he wrote love letters to during his incarceration. Before his execution, his final farewell was signed ‘Your Valentine’ a commonly used term today, as the celebration of love and romance lives on in the name of Saint Valentine.

While Valentines day is embraced by many, it does fall victim of the naysaying V Day Nazis who claim Valentines Day to be a bit of a commercialized sham! That ‘every day’ should be valentines day, never mind a day of mass produced hallmark cards and overpriced floral deliveries.

Whilst some of us approach our romantic affairs with a little more realism, and to be honest – we need that day!! We need a yearly reminder! And we embrace it whole heartedly and encourage our Campbell & Moss Lovers to grab valentines day… by the balls, and celebrate in your own style. Here are some suggestions to get the juices flowing… ahem.

  1. Backyard Movie night - Set up blankets, snacks, cold drinks and settle in for a movie marathon for 2 watching old favorites or something to get you in the mood! Who doesn’t like a happy ending?
  2. Depending on where you live, hire mopeds, tandem bikes or even just hit the pavement on foot and enjoy the sights at sunset. This could be along the beach, creek or suburban street. Pack a picnic and stop off at a local park, or enjoy a cold drink at your nearest café or bar. Take your time, be safe and be in the moment.
  3. You may never look as amazing as you do right now. Capture the beauty and love with a photo shoot. Something to look back on when you’re old and grey, a great way to connect and express who you are as a couple. Clothes optional.
  4. Board games and cocktails… This is a winning combination and can really only end one way. You can up the stakes if you wish to make it more interesting. Play fair..
  5. Go camping. Get outdoors, light a fire, roast marshmallows, drink wine and go skinny dipping.. Perhaps not in that order, but you get the idea.
  6. If you’re single, don’t exclude yourself from this celebration. Run a bubble bath, pour a glass of wine and hit shuffle on the ipod. You’ll want to stay single just to keep these nights all to yourself!

Happy Saint Valentines Day! Try and let the neighbors get SOME sleep…

‘If I had to choose between breathing or loving you, I’d use my last breath to tell you I love you.’

Author Unknown